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Achieve your goals and increase resilience with The Prep Effect - the key to transforming your Mindset, Business, and Life is understanding that fear is only that of the unknown.

Coach E.

On a Personal Note With Coach E.

Prep Steps is a life elevation platform that targets all aspects and components of what life is vs. what life could be. The founder and CEO, Erica better known as Coach E has a few words to add:

I’m a proud product of being raised in Atlanta where my first memories of home consisted of a three bedroom project community apartment where myself and 5 others resided. I came up in a community where we had love but we also saw the direct effects that the new craze called crack was causing not only in the streets but also in the home. At the age of seven my father was sent off to the penitentiary where he began serving a 23 year sentence.

Within a 2 year period of my father going off to prison both myself and my sibling were introduced to the Foster Care system where I would remain attached to some aspects until my 18th birthday.

Over the years I was blessed to have a few people including grandparents that helped to mold and equip me with life skills that would be sure to keep me afloat along the way. I quickly learned that many times your foster home was just a roof over your head where someone collected a stipend for you each month. Many of these homes weren’t foundations that gave you the necessary skills needed to properly mature and survive in this matrix called world.

I'm grateful for the journey I experienced overall because it made me aware very early on of some of the essential skills needed to pull yourself up out of very unique and dire situations in which were out of your control.

Along this journey I have learned that you must have a plan to better yourself however along with that plan you have to understand the life shift that has to take place all around you in order to turn the plan into your reality.

This particular life shift includes but is not limited to things such as being extra aware of what energies you allow into your space, financial growth, career elevation, accountability recognition etc.

I work with my clients to figure out their plans and the roads that will help lead them there. To Prep your Steps is to align your vision out on YOUR map of life and follow the course! Let’s start mapping your route today!


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